Most Popular Classic Board Games

There are a lot of classic board games in the world. Those games offer people the same thing – fun pastime and learning experience. Another great thing about classic board games is that they are accessible to almost everyone. Practically anyone can play them, unlike some outdoor sporting games where a lot of factors are in play. Board games are not exactly physically strenuous, but it does challenge the mind.Classic board games offer portability and convenience. The fact that anybody can easily learn how to play means that anyone can be anybody’s playmate. There is no need for a large venue such as a soccer field or a coliseum to play board games. Anywhere, even at the comfort of one’s own bedroom, can become a battlefield.Lots of new games are being developed every year. There are only some games that every person must know and must have. Classic board games have been very popular through the years and have stood the test of time. These provide people with very valuable lessons. Thus, every household should never be caught without at least one of these most popular classic games:1. Checkers – checkers is one of the easiest games to learn with its black and red checkered board and it has been around since the 1500’s.2. Monopoly – Monopoly is just one of the world’s most popular board games. It deals about purchasing property (real estate) and developing it. One should prevent their side from losing money before their opponent does. Monopoly has different versions to cater to all age levels – from the young to the grown ups and professionals.3. Chess – this classic board game improves a player’s strategic thinking. It is probably the hardest game to master. It is also the most mentally challenging.4. Scrabble – another classic game that most people get addicted to is Scrabble. A personal objective here is to improve one’s vocabulary. But game-wise, a player’s purpose is to really outwit his opponent by scoring more by producing more words. People love this classic board game so much that some even make a career out of playing it.These classic games have been part of the world culture. That is the reason why they are still extremely popular today. These classic games have transcended time and cultures. Their staying power is a testament on how people never seem to get tired of them. Not only does it improve the thinking process, people find the challenge fun and exciting, too.